Lunch in Zagreb center

Here are some recommendations from friends of good restaurants in the city center of Zagreb, Croatia:

  • Leonardo
    Skalinska 6 (small allay that connects Tkalča with the market) - Great Italian food, cheap, good waiters (5 euro for meal+drinks).

  • Nocturno (hostel)
    Close to Leonardo - Cheap, big meals, but too much waiting, loud and crowded.

  • Pivnica Mali Medo
    Tkalčićeva 36 - Quite cheap and good food (sausages, meats, pizza), beers from Pivnica Medvedgard

  • Boban
    Gajeva 9 - pasta, fish and meet, especially "biftek"

  • Caramba
    Savska cesta 30 - mexican, great food but with a very bad entrance.

  • Va piano (chain-restaurant)
    Radnička Cesta - salads, pasta and pizza, dishes are prepared in front of you! They make their own pasta.

  • MU
    Vukovarksa ulica 72 - steak house

Thanks to Marina from Zagreb and two other BEST friends for these tips! :)

Not enough for you? More recommendations can be found in

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