Zero star hotel

Do you want to spend a night cheap in your roadtrip?
Do you want to sleep (and not only sleep) underground?
You don't care much about comfort?
Or are you just missing your army days?

Then Null Stern Hotel is the choice you MUST take when you're having holidays in Switzerland.

A converted nuclear bunker in the Swiss town of Sevelen, embellished with artistic decoration and real hotel duvets, is aimed at guests with a modest income. The price per night is between €7 and €20. The shared bathroom has been converted into a fountain with swimming flowers, and a live cam is sending images from the outside onto a large screen in the windowless building.

"Using the weapon of art, we have created a low-budget hotel, which has charm, takes into account guests' individual wishes and thus becomes quite something," said the artistic twin brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin, who were given the project.

The Null Stern Hotel can host 14 guests in a configuration of 6 single beds and 4 double beds. Larger groups (from 14 people) can also be accommodated in an adjacent room with original military-style bunk-beds.

In case of emergency, the hotel could be converted back into a nuclear bunker within 24 hours, in line with a Swiss law that says all civil defense buildings have to be ready for use within one day.

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