Your slogan, your T-shirts!

LONDON - MAY 16:  In this photo illustration a...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeAfter a notion from a friend, I joined Threadless.

Threadless is an online T-shirt store with a unique quality: anyone can submit their own design or slogan, which is then voted publicly. Only the best voted designs get printed!

I submitted some of my own slogans, not too successful for now. You can join and vote for them!

Here is the one slogan-Tshirt for you: Halara! :)

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Imrov Everywhere: "Life's for sharing"

Have you heard about Improv Everywhere?

After the Freezing stunt in New York station, the hit again this time in Liverpool, UK! ;)

If you can't see a video above, click here

Submachine: dive into the adventure!

I like games! :)

Here is a small online puzzle game, called Submachine.
You're "lost" in a silent place with rooms and you're trying to figure out how to get out. It's supposed to be one of the most popular flash games lately. Enjoy and leave me a comment how much time it took you!

Ice windsurfing!

Guys doing ice-windsurfing in the middle of winter in Maine, USA.
I wouldn't want to fall doing that!

If you can't see a video above, click here.

4 days in Finland: Tampere

The 2nd day of our trip in Finland we took a train and landed in Tampere, a bit more north and into the mainland.

Tampere is mainly an industrial city built between 2 lakes, Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi. The remarkable thing is that the two lakes are connected by rapids. This uniqueness, apart from a charming environment, it has also attracted industries, who take advantage the "green" power from the rapids using turbines.

The nicest part of Tampere centre is the main street, Hameenkatu, full of lights and stores. Starting from the train station and passing by the bridge with the huge worker statues and the central square, it is definitely the most lively place in Tampere in all seasons.

A walk between the rapids and the old industrial buildings is a must. At night the red-brick buildings shine magically above the waters.

Find some time for a small walk a bit outside the centre: there is a wonderful viewpoint on the top of the Pyynikki Observation Tower, located in the park-forest area in the west of the centre between the lakes. The 360 view is just amazing, not to mention the home-made tea and donuts with herbs!

In Tampere there are plenty of places to eat and drink. We took advantage of the cheap "lunch-time" for the company employees to eat the cheap buffet (around 8 euro per person) at the Viking Restaurant Harald (named after a Viking cartoon hero). For lovers of Chinese food, there is a great place with very good food and good prices called Nguyen Cao Su or "that tiny Chinese restaurant". Finally if you like a cozy bar to play some table games, I totally recommend Konttori bar (which means Office). A combination of Railroad game and a glass of good beer is perfect to conclude a nice day.

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