4 days in Finland: Turku

Turku was our first city of the trip. We flew from Gdansk with Wizzair and landed in Terminal 2 of Turku airport, which was nothing more than a warehouse roughly converted to a gate/check-in/duty-free/baggage-claim building!

We stayed at a wonderful Finish couple that we found from Couchsurfing, who were a bit obsessed with squirrel-dolls and treated us like kings! Kaatja and Jaakko, thank you so much for everything :)

A walk around Turku is a nice idea (even better if it doesn't rain, like it did with us). You can see the beautiful Cathedral, walk along the river with the old sailing boats and the windmill. You can also pass through the oldest road in Turku and the old prison. Turku is the oldest city in Finland, believed to have been settled in the 13th century.

Turku has a very cool castle. Unfortunately it has been destroyed in the past so inside it's a bit empty of old furniture, but they have made a good restoration so it still gives you this old-times feeling. The Historical Museum is there also, included in the ticket of 7 euros for entrance. Advice: be prepared to go up and down a lot of steps and go through the castle quickly to have more time to see the wonderful exhibits of the museum.

At night, you can visit the most original bars ever. Fins have the good tendency to re-use old buildings in new ways. This is exactly the case with the bars called School, Toilet, Bank and Pharmacy! We especially liked and spent a good 1 hour in "Koulu" (=School) which is also a fine brewery.

We had the luck to try some delicious typical food made by our hosts. Juustoleipä is a white cheese with almost no taste (like mozzarella) that they eat with orange cloudberries. Fins eat a lot of berries, and believe me they have a LOT of kinds!
One of most delicious dices, especially for breakfast, was the Rice pies (Karjalanpiirakat). Bake them, put Munavoi on top (boiled egg and butter mixture) and a slice of cheese if you want.
Finally, Fins' usual fast-food is Makkaraperunat, which is basically a dish with fried sausages and potatoes. It's a bit fatty and unhealthy, but that's why it's called "fast-food"!

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