Giving 10 mins of my life

Yesterday I went to the hospital to give blood for a relative that needs it. It was a very fast decision, the way it should be. Actually, I don't find this experience "thrilling"... and that's probably the good thing!

I was feeling very nervous in the beginning. I had never given blood before, not even had a proper blood test since I was 10!

The doctors gave me a free general blood test and told me that I have a bit low blood pressure but everything is fine with me. Then they put me on the big chair (god, now THAT was a great chair, I want one for my desk :P) The needle for the blood test was nothing compared to the needle of the blood-transfusion!! So I kept focusing at the TV, which was showing the Paralympics (ironic, right?).
This is an image taken by me of my arm approxi...All that's left (Wikipedia)
The whole deal took just 10 minutes. The nurse told me I had a "good vein"... Well, thanks very much ;P I did get a bit dizzy for a few minutes afterwards, because of my low blood pressure, but I stayed laying on the comfy chair and then drank some juice and crackers. That was it! :)

My conclusion was: I should do it more often! At least once or twice a year.

I also learned that if you are a volunteer, you can have a card with how many times you have given blood. Then if you or someone you know needs it, you can "give" it from the card. Quite useful, if you ask me - otherwise you have to "fund-raise" blood from other people.

It's a bit disturbing to know how many people need blood and how few people give blood... So if YOU are reading this boring post, then do the boring thing and donate some blood :)

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