What do you do when your dad adds you as a friend in Facebook?

The signs were there...
  1. Your father tells you that he has been getting some "strange" invitations for joining a "sth-book" site. You reply "It's called Facebook, Dad"
  2. He tells you again about the invitations again - you mock lightly that he's ages behind and "everyone is there already"
  3. Some months later, he sees you in it and you show him the latest pics. He starts asking questions.
  4. Then one day, he asks you what name to put in his account... quickly, pull the master-switch of the house and run away yelling "FIIIIIIRRRRREEEEE!!!!!!!" (if he has a laptop with a 3G connection, the above method doesn't work - my case)
Now what???
Is there a way to restrict the privacy of just one "friend" in Facebook, e.g. not let them get news from you, or see your photos?
(As you see I'm terrified...!!)