Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

I think I never written a movie review before... and actually I am not going to write one now either. I don't want to call this a "movie review". A review is what a professional movie critic would write about how nicely produced or ingeniously directed or well performed a movie was, sitting behind his desk, drinking his afternoon coffee in a grey office...

I just want to share my feelings and first thoughts after watching probably the best love story ever:

Where to begin... It's 3:05 in the morning. Writing this, I'm replaying again and again the song at the end of the movie, just to keep the feeling awake.

How two so weird people met and clicked together... how shitty they treated each other in the end of the relationship... both deciding to erase the memories one of the other... and then, as the memories went backwards to happier moments, realizing the big truth about life: No matter how bad memories you have, there are also good ones, and both of them are precious to keep.

But the cherry on top of the cake was that, even though they had erased each other's memories, they still fell in love again. Even though the end can be bad, the trip is still worth it...

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