Bed-time stories by Acrobat

Don't you miss someone telling you a story or reading you a book for falling asleep? Reading a book in bed is cool, but having the book read to you is even better! ;)

Well if I attracted your attention, I have some good news for you:
Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 can Read Out Loud your PDF e-books!

I used it yesterday while reading George Orwell's "1984" and it was such a pleasure!! The reading quality obviously was not the best, but the female voice was quite a nice added-value to the moment!

Viva for better text-to-speech services!!

P.S. I'm using Windows Vista. I'm not sure if the feature is embedded in Acrobat or makes use of Windows reading service, neither if it works in XP or other platforms.

Safe sex = happier life

As you might know, 1 December 2007 was the World AIDS day. (so this post comes somewhat delayed, honouring the Greek spirit!)

So as a tribute, I give you this little videoclip I had seen some time ago and I found really cool :) ...and don't forget to wear your "hats"!