A fortnight in Novi Sad, part 2

After a week in Novi Sad, I can say with confidence: Novi Sad rocks!! It is a really nice city, calm and beautiful.

- What to see:
The city centre is closed for cars, full of neat pedestrian ways, cafeterias and shops. when the sun is out, everybody is out! The central square is surrounded by the Catholic Cathedral and the Town Hall, with a huge iron statue in the middle, all beautifully lit at night. In this period there was this famous exhibition of painted cows, really giving a unique touch to the city.
If you walk a bit further, you can find the Jewish synagogue, which looks more like a library. Close to it there is kind of a Chinese gate, which really catches your attention! I later found out that people tend to marry below it, making a ceremony after having a civil marriage nearby.
On the other side you can find Dunavski park, really beautiful with a couple of swans that the legend says they are gay!

A MUST see in Novi Sad is the Petrovaradin Fortress! It's on the outskirts of the city, on the opposite side of Dunab river. The building is very well preserved, hosting a hotel, restaurant, cafeteria, artists gallery and other. The view of the city from it is wonderful. The clock there is especially peculiar. If you notice the time, you'll see that the clock arms have been switched! The story goes that when the Germans invaded Novi Sad and had planned some operation, the Serbs switched the clock arms thus confusing the Germans who never managed to coordinate the attack. Smart Serbs! However the fortress is more well-known as the host place of Exit festival which takes place every summer.

- What to eat:
In the corner of the square you can find Foody!, a local fast food place but with cooked food.
Almost opposite to the Orthodox Church and next to the amazing-looking gymnasium, you can also find a small Italian style pizzeria that also makes home deliveries, while a few metres down the street there is the best bakery ever, open almost 24 hours/day!
If you combine that with the open market that is in the next street every day and is ridiculously cheap, you understand that food is NOT a problem in Serbia! Just beware of the chilli peppers!
If you really want to try some traditional food though you have to go to Zlatiborsko prozorce, at Stadion Vojvodine opposite to SPENS.

Food you should definitely try is kaimak, which is like butter. It goes great inside a potato in the oven!
If you're hungry at night then you can grab a burger, called pljeskavica. But get ready to be REALLY hungry, because these things are huge!

- Where to go out:
For clubbing I have only one but very good suggestion: Baltazar! All the best people meet there and the party is hot as hell. It is located under Hotel Park, probably the best hotel in town, if you ask me!
Another great place to go out is Laze Teleckog str. in the centre. There are more than a few bars there, most of them Irish style, with different music and many times with live bands playing!

P.S. A visit in Serbia cannot be left without noticing the millions of Yugo cars around the city! I actually found my dream car too...

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