A fortnight in Novi Sad, part 1

On Friday morning I got the train from Athens, changed in Thessaloniki and Belgrade and on Saturday I was in Novi Sad, Serbia! The trip by train is kinda long but you can sleep or chat with other travellers all the way through it.
I was unlucky not to get a seat in the train from Athens to Thessaloniki, which meant that i had to be standing for about 5 hours. However I was in the back of the train which has an awesome view of the rail tracks and lots of people coming for a sigarette or just a walk to stretch their legs.
After a nice coffee in Harry's Spot in Thessaloniki, a really student-friendly cafeteria, I took that train to Belgrade where i found some friends from BEST going to Skopje for the weekend. From the borders of Serbia till Belgrade I slept all the way through in my cabin. No need to mention that the borders were a piece of cake: being Greek and a student they don't really bother you with the check.
In Belgrade I had a short coffee with a couple of medicine girls from Germany and took the train to Novi Sad. The funny thing in Belgrade was that there was no noticeable arrival-departure board in the train station, so I decided to do the Balkan thing to find my train: follow the crowd and ask. That also settled the last part of my trip, since I was chatting all the way with a Serbian mathematics girl, who despite her "geeky" appearance she had a nice sense of humour.

I have to say that even though I haven't seen much yet, Novi Sad looks great!
I did have the chance to enjoy a Saturday night out, the Serbian way! The Bar Baltazar is under Hotel Park. The party started from about 1:00 and ended at 5:00, leaving us totally wasted, in many ways! The bar was red, the music was pop-dance-house style, the drinks were cheap, the girls were tall and beautiful and the people were all dancing wild! The useless detail of the night: the owners, two huge Serbian guys, were wearing red boots and silver shoes... Kinky!!

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'Twas nice to talk to you before. Filakia!