Relaxing on May Day...

1st of May

The day of workers rights, a day to hate your boss openly and of course the day of "working less, living more"!

So for all of you that you took this opportunity:

  • to just sleep more than possible,
  • to have breakfast (or more probably brunch) in bed,
  • to watch all your favorite TV shows plus some that you just discovered,
  • to catch up with the movies you wanted to see lately,
  • to listen to your favorite latest music hits,
  • to make love more than 4 times with your partner,
  • to write to your blog,
  • to have a drive,
  • to take a long walk,
  • to have an even longer coffee,
  • to finish the book you've been trying to read for months now...

...for all of you halara lovers, I dedicate this day to you! Cheers!! :)

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