The art of coffee

Coffee is most probably the national drink of Greece. Greeks tend to spend hours sitting and chatting in well-decorated cafeterias with beautiful waitresses, under the sun or with the sounds of trendy music.

Many things have been said about what is a good coffee and what is not. Nowadays there is a huge variety of coffees from which you can choose from and I think Greece holds the 1st place in this field.

Hot coffees:
Cold coffees:

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Noe said...
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Angel said...

I just returned from Greece and I am hooked on Freddoccino. In the US we dont have that yet! Any way I can cook it by myself at home(maybe a you can ask for a recipe from a bartender you know?) Thanks!!!

harry :) said...

Hi Angel!
The recipe was in the Freddoccino link. Here it is:

Fill a drinking glass (approx. 350 ml) with 1/3 milk and 2/3 ice then pour the contents into a blender. Add two spoonfuls of freddoccino mix.

Switch on the blender for about 30 seconds or as long as it takes to create a smooth texture. Pour the drink into a glass and serve it with as thick a straw as possible.

Please note: if you're using a different size glass, change the amount of ice, milk and freddoccino mix you are using, but make sure you stick to the proportions described above.