Couchsurfing: you can do it too!

There are many reasons why I love Europe. One of them is that it has a "connecting people" culture (remember the Nokia slogan?).

Recently I found this hospitality community which seems quite popular in Europe and around the world, called CouchSurfing. In the beginning it's the usual stuff: you subscribe, make a profile, put a load of info about yourself inside, play a bit around with the features. The surprising thing is that it actually works!

The aim of CouchSurfing is hospitality and traveling. You offer your couch for travelers who pass by your town to crush for a night or two. The same way, if you are on the road, you can find a free place to put your body at night. The extra benefit is that you meet interesting people in both cases and that you get to know a bit the local life or you get some stories from the far land of the stranger-in-your-couch.

I actually just had my first CouchSurfing guest, a guy called Seth (veeery Star Wars name, ain't it?) from Georgia, USA. He's also a student engineering and around my age, so we had a lot to talk about. Seth stayed for 2 nights in my house and then continued his trip around Greece. He did a bit of sightseeing around town, I took him a bit out at night, went for the typical frappe coffee. The overall experience was extremely positive! :)

All in all, I strongly recommend you to try CouchSurfing! It's very safe and it's a nice way to escape a bit from the daily routine.

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The art of coffee

Coffee is most probably the national drink of Greece. Greeks tend to spend hours sitting and chatting in well-decorated cafeterias with beautiful waitresses, under the sun or with the sounds of trendy music.

Many things have been said about what is a good coffee and what is not. Nowadays there is a huge variety of coffees from which you can choose from and I think Greece holds the 1st place in this field.

Hot coffees:
Cold coffees:

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Relaxing on May Day...

1st of May

The day of workers rights, a day to hate your boss openly and of course the day of "working less, living more"!

So for all of you that you took this opportunity:

  • to just sleep more than possible,
  • to have breakfast (or more probably brunch) in bed,
  • to watch all your favorite TV shows plus some that you just discovered,
  • to catch up with the movies you wanted to see lately,
  • to listen to your favorite latest music hits,
  • to make love more than 4 times with your partner,
  • to write to your blog,
  • to have a drive,
  • to take a long walk,
  • to have an even longer coffee,
  • to finish the book you've been trying to read for months now...

...for all of you halara lovers, I dedicate this day to you! Cheers!! :)