Greek Easter: spike the lamb!

Until now I have been posting about my trips abroad. This time I will do something different: I will tell you about how exotic it is to spend Easter in Greece!

The Orthodox Easter is probably the most celebrated religious festivity in Greece. This year me and my family went to Eretria, a city in Evia, an hour north from Athens by car.

For 40 days until Easter Sunday, there is a "fast": the people are not supposed to eat meat and anything that comes from animals (milk products, eggs, fish...). In the final days they are even withdrawn from oil. It can be a long process that tests your patience and self-control, since you have to deny your normal eating habits. Most people nowadays do it only the last week and not on all products, though.

All in all, this is a good process to follow, even just for the last days. It brings you closer to the spirit of Easter, the passions of Christ and makes you longer for the Resurrection. The most important days on Easter Week are usually Thursday and Friday. Thursday is the Crucifixion and on Friday is the Sepulchral, both with very dramatic Masses.
The Resurrection usually takes place at midnight (although this year we did it in a small church at 22:00!!). When you finally arrive to that moment, you really enjoy it: having the candles lit, fireworks being thrown, the family around, eating red-painted eggs and "mageiritsa" (meat and herb soup) afterwards... you really feel the resurrection in your stomach!

Easter Sunday is a family holiday! You know, you´ve seen it on italian and greek movies: family gathers, kids play, adults discuss, etc. Good weather is useful to have on such a day, because you might want to spend it in the open air.
The best thing is the lamb, though. We bought an 8 kilo lamp, prepared it, put it on a spit and then roasted it on carbon for 4 hours. It was simply heaven!!

So if you get the chance to have Easter in Greece, take it and get ready to spike the lamb!!

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