Bed-time stories by Acrobat

Don't you miss someone telling you a story or reading you a book for falling asleep? Reading a book in bed is cool, but having the book read to you is even better! ;)

Well if I attracted your attention, I have some good news for you:
Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 can Read Out Loud your PDF e-books!

I used it yesterday while reading George Orwell's "1984" and it was such a pleasure!! The reading quality obviously was not the best, but the female voice was quite a nice added-value to the moment!

Viva for better text-to-speech services!!

P.S. I'm using Windows Vista. I'm not sure if the feature is embedded in Acrobat or makes use of Windows reading service, neither if it works in XP or other platforms.

Safe sex = happier life

As you might know, 1 December 2007 was the World AIDS day. (so this post comes somewhat delayed, honouring the Greek spirit!)

So as a tribute, I give you this little videoclip I had seen some time ago and I found really cool :) ...and don't forget to wear your "hats"!

The World has new Wonders!

For the past year there was an online voting on the new 7 World Wonders. The nominees were many, including some Greek monuments, but the winners could only be 7. In total 100.000 people voted from all over the world and the results were released on 07.07.07 in a spectacular ceremony in Lisbon, Portugal.

Here are the winners!

The 7 World Wonders of the Ancient World were the Great Pyramid of Giza, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Temple of Artemis, Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Mausoleum of Maussollos, Colossus of Rhodes and the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

A fortnight in Novi Sad, part 2

After a week in Novi Sad, I can say with confidence: Novi Sad rocks!! It is a really nice city, calm and beautiful.

- What to see:
The city centre is closed for cars, full of neat pedestrian ways, cafeterias and shops. when the sun is out, everybody is out! The central square is surrounded by the Catholic Cathedral and the Town Hall, with a huge iron statue in the middle, all beautifully lit at night. In this period there was this famous exhibition of painted cows, really giving a unique touch to the city.
If you walk a bit further, you can find the Jewish synagogue, which looks more like a library. Close to it there is kind of a Chinese gate, which really catches your attention! I later found out that people tend to marry below it, making a ceremony after having a civil marriage nearby.
On the other side you can find Dunavski park, really beautiful with a couple of swans that the legend says they are gay!

A MUST see in Novi Sad is the Petrovaradin Fortress! It's on the outskirts of the city, on the opposite side of Dunab river. The building is very well preserved, hosting a hotel, restaurant, cafeteria, artists gallery and other. The view of the city from it is wonderful. The clock there is especially peculiar. If you notice the time, you'll see that the clock arms have been switched! The story goes that when the Germans invaded Novi Sad and had planned some operation, the Serbs switched the clock arms thus confusing the Germans who never managed to coordinate the attack. Smart Serbs! However the fortress is more well-known as the host place of Exit festival which takes place every summer.

- What to eat:
In the corner of the square you can find Foody!, a local fast food place but with cooked food.
Almost opposite to the Orthodox Church and next to the amazing-looking gymnasium, you can also find a small Italian style pizzeria that also makes home deliveries, while a few metres down the street there is the best bakery ever, open almost 24 hours/day!
If you combine that with the open market that is in the next street every day and is ridiculously cheap, you understand that food is NOT a problem in Serbia! Just beware of the chilli peppers!
If you really want to try some traditional food though you have to go to Zlatiborsko prozorce, at Stadion Vojvodine opposite to SPENS.

Food you should definitely try is kaimak, which is like butter. It goes great inside a potato in the oven!
If you're hungry at night then you can grab a burger, called pljeskavica. But get ready to be REALLY hungry, because these things are huge!

- Where to go out:
For clubbing I have only one but very good suggestion: Baltazar! All the best people meet there and the party is hot as hell. It is located under Hotel Park, probably the best hotel in town, if you ask me!
Another great place to go out is Laze Teleckog str. in the centre. There are more than a few bars there, most of them Irish style, with different music and many times with live bands playing!

P.S. A visit in Serbia cannot be left without noticing the millions of Yugo cars around the city! I actually found my dream car too...

A fortnight in Novi Sad, part 1

On Friday morning I got the train from Athens, changed in Thessaloniki and Belgrade and on Saturday I was in Novi Sad, Serbia! The trip by train is kinda long but you can sleep or chat with other travellers all the way through it.
I was unlucky not to get a seat in the train from Athens to Thessaloniki, which meant that i had to be standing for about 5 hours. However I was in the back of the train which has an awesome view of the rail tracks and lots of people coming for a sigarette or just a walk to stretch their legs.
After a nice coffee in Harry's Spot in Thessaloniki, a really student-friendly cafeteria, I took that train to Belgrade where i found some friends from BEST going to Skopje for the weekend. From the borders of Serbia till Belgrade I slept all the way through in my cabin. No need to mention that the borders were a piece of cake: being Greek and a student they don't really bother you with the check.
In Belgrade I had a short coffee with a couple of medicine girls from Germany and took the train to Novi Sad. The funny thing in Belgrade was that there was no noticeable arrival-departure board in the train station, so I decided to do the Balkan thing to find my train: follow the crowd and ask. That also settled the last part of my trip, since I was chatting all the way with a Serbian mathematics girl, who despite her "geeky" appearance she had a nice sense of humour.

I have to say that even though I haven't seen much yet, Novi Sad looks great!
I did have the chance to enjoy a Saturday night out, the Serbian way! The Bar Baltazar is under Hotel Park. The party started from about 1:00 and ended at 5:00, leaving us totally wasted, in many ways! The bar was red, the music was pop-dance-house style, the drinks were cheap, the girls were tall and beautiful and the people were all dancing wild! The useless detail of the night: the owners, two huge Serbian guys, were wearing red boots and silver shoes... Kinky!!

UPDATED: The BEST Jobs in the World

After a recent discovery, we have a new ranking of the BEST jobs in the world a man could do... and it even reaches #1 !!

So here is the updated TOP 3 list of jobs:
3. Bikini models reflector holder
2. Lap-dance laws enforcing officer
1. Official women's "un-virginizer" !!

The story behind #1:
Apparently, in Guam there are men who their sole job is to travel the country and deflower virgins, for which service they get paid!
The reason is that according to Guam laws, virgin women are not allowed to marry.

Can you find a better job in the world than this??

I'm preparing my CV for Guam right away!! :)

An exit to eternal summer slacking...

...every man's dream!! Leaving all the stupid obligations of our world behind and hitting the road to a warmer, happier place! :)

This phrase comes from the song "The way" by Fastball. I'm not going to say anything more, the lyrics are enough. You can hear the song from here, or buy it if you like it!

Fastball - The Way

They made up their minds and they started packing
They left before the sun came up that day
An exit to eternal summer slacking
But where were they going without ever knowing the way?

They drank up the wine and they got to talking
They now had more important things to say
And when the car broke down they started walking
Where were they going without ever knowing the way?


Anyone could see the road that they walk on is paved in gold
And its always summer, they'll never get cold
They'll never get hungry
They'll never get old and gray

You can see their shadows wandering off somewhere
They wont make it home, but they really don't care
They wanted the highway
They're happy there today , today

The children woke up and they couldn't find them
They left before the sun came up that day
They just drove off and left it all behind them
But where were they going without ever knowing the way?



P.S. Who knows... maybe one day I'll do it too...

The first day of the rest of your life

Halara has been out for a while, mostly due to summer holidays. I hope you all enjoyed the holidays. Now we're getting back, a fresh new year with a lot of motivation!

Here's some motivation for you too: 2 desktop posters I made to keep me going in the tough period of exams. Keep the spirits up!

Couchsurfing: you can do it too!

There are many reasons why I love Europe. One of them is that it has a "connecting people" culture (remember the Nokia slogan?).

Recently I found this hospitality community which seems quite popular in Europe and around the world, called CouchSurfing. In the beginning it's the usual stuff: you subscribe, make a profile, put a load of info about yourself inside, play a bit around with the features. The surprising thing is that it actually works!

The aim of CouchSurfing is hospitality and traveling. You offer your couch for travelers who pass by your town to crush for a night or two. The same way, if you are on the road, you can find a free place to put your body at night. The extra benefit is that you meet interesting people in both cases and that you get to know a bit the local life or you get some stories from the far land of the stranger-in-your-couch.

I actually just had my first CouchSurfing guest, a guy called Seth (veeery Star Wars name, ain't it?) from Georgia, USA. He's also a student engineering and around my age, so we had a lot to talk about. Seth stayed for 2 nights in my house and then continued his trip around Greece. He did a bit of sightseeing around town, I took him a bit out at night, went for the typical frappe coffee. The overall experience was extremely positive! :)

All in all, I strongly recommend you to try CouchSurfing! It's very safe and it's a nice way to escape a bit from the daily routine.

Similar communities: Hospitality Club

The art of coffee

Coffee is most probably the national drink of Greece. Greeks tend to spend hours sitting and chatting in well-decorated cafeterias with beautiful waitresses, under the sun or with the sounds of trendy music.

Many things have been said about what is a good coffee and what is not. Nowadays there is a huge variety of coffees from which you can choose from and I think Greece holds the 1st place in this field.

Hot coffees:
Cold coffees:

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Relaxing on May Day...

1st of May

The day of workers rights, a day to hate your boss openly and of course the day of "working less, living more"!

So for all of you that you took this opportunity:

  • to just sleep more than possible,
  • to have breakfast (or more probably brunch) in bed,
  • to watch all your favorite TV shows plus some that you just discovered,
  • to catch up with the movies you wanted to see lately,
  • to listen to your favorite latest music hits,
  • to make love more than 4 times with your partner,
  • to write to your blog,
  • to have a drive,
  • to take a long walk,
  • to have an even longer coffee,
  • to finish the book you've been trying to read for months now...

...for all of you halara lovers, I dedicate this day to you! Cheers!! :)

Affordable Europe

Luxury vacations are cool: 5 star hotel, full meals, having a cocktail near the pool, an evening spa maybe... But not everyone can pay for all this!

Students that want to travel cheap, but also all alternative travellers, now there are guides to major European cities made for us: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Copenhagen, Florence, Istanbul, London, Moscow, Paris, Prague, Rome, St. Petersburg, Vienna!

And since a cheap trip is only possible with a cheap flight, here are a few sites and tips to find good offers:

Travel around Europe and spend very few money while maximising the experience!

Earth album

I give you this question:
How can you travel all over the world while never leaving the coziness of your home's couch (cheaply)??

Well, it's called earth album!

A fairly simple system for the user (although I cannot imagine how tough it may have been to make it), it allows you to browse the world for photographs and videos!
Click a place anywhere in the Google world map and photos (Flixter) or videos (YouTube) from that country appear. Add a keyword, like a city name or an event and the results become relevant to what you're looking for!

Just try it! It's an addiction...

Greek Easter: spike the lamb!

Until now I have been posting about my trips abroad. This time I will do something different: I will tell you about how exotic it is to spend Easter in Greece!

The Orthodox Easter is probably the most celebrated religious festivity in Greece. This year me and my family went to Eretria, a city in Evia, an hour north from Athens by car.

For 40 days until Easter Sunday, there is a "fast": the people are not supposed to eat meat and anything that comes from animals (milk products, eggs, fish...). In the final days they are even withdrawn from oil. It can be a long process that tests your patience and self-control, since you have to deny your normal eating habits. Most people nowadays do it only the last week and not on all products, though.

All in all, this is a good process to follow, even just for the last days. It brings you closer to the spirit of Easter, the passions of Christ and makes you longer for the Resurrection. The most important days on Easter Week are usually Thursday and Friday. Thursday is the Crucifixion and on Friday is the Sepulchral, both with very dramatic Masses.
The Resurrection usually takes place at midnight (although this year we did it in a small church at 22:00!!). When you finally arrive to that moment, you really enjoy it: having the candles lit, fireworks being thrown, the family around, eating red-painted eggs and "mageiritsa" (meat and herb soup) afterwards... you really feel the resurrection in your stomach!

Easter Sunday is a family holiday! You know, you´ve seen it on italian and greek movies: family gathers, kids play, adults discuss, etc. Good weather is useful to have on such a day, because you might want to spend it in the open air.
The best thing is the lamb, though. We bought an 8 kilo lamp, prepared it, put it on a spit and then roasted it on carbon for 4 hours. It was simply heaven!!

So if you get the chance to have Easter in Greece, take it and get ready to spike the lamb!!

An extended weekend in London!

I've been in many European cities but London is something different. I only have 3 words to describe it: London is great!

In my opinion, there are 2 driving forces that shape the character of London: business/money and multiculturalism.
On the one hand you have huge skyscrapers, like the 30 St Mary Axe, and office buildings of big corporations with a lot of people in suits walking around in haste or driving in their fancy sports cars. This is actually something I have never felt in any other city... you stop on the sidewalk or even walk slowly and you feel that you are a nuisance, you feel that people automatically recognise you as a tourist, a stranger, someone that does not really belong there - everyone around you is almost running! A busy bee-hive!
On the other hand you have a lot of different cultures from around the world working in "lower" jobs or opening their own kind of stores and restaurants. Before I went to London I imagined going down the street and seeing it full of British people, hearing the distinctive british accent everywhere...but no! You go around London and you see so many different nationalities speaking different languages! The great sink of cultures!

You might wonder why am I not mentioning the weather?? Well that's because on my first days there, the weather had been extremely good, sunny and everything. However my lucky day was 1 day before I was to leave. Weather starts fine, sunny with a few clouds and a bit of wind, nothing to indicate we would not enjoy a walk around the city. Afternoon passes and the clouds start to gather rapidly. The wind picks up, a cold, frosty wind. After a couple of hours it starts to rain, slowly in the beginning a bit harder soon. But the frosty wind wouldn't let things easy! The show-rain didn't take long to arrive too. I can tell you I've never seen so many seasons changing in one day!

If you wanna go around in London, forget about cars and taxis. The best way is walking and using the public transport. You can buy a pre-paid Oyster card. It's more or less like a debit card. You put some money in it, you pass it from the gates in the metro, you're through! Easy! It's cheaper that buying a single ticket each time, plus you can give it back when you are leaving and get refunded of the money you didn't use. Don't you love the British?
I used the Metro more ofter, or Underground or Tube as the British like to call it. The trains pass almost every minute, which really makes you wonder how they can plan the schedules so tight without crushing... However the London Underground is not as reliable you might think at first. There are often some delays, either of arrivals or even when you are on the train in-between stations.
Not to mention the best part: measures against terrorist attacks! I was on my way to get the Metro in order to reach the bus to Luton airport on my departure day. So I arrive in the Liverpool metro station 10' late, like a typical greek, and I hear some sirenes going on... I walk closer to the entrance and I see it closed with a lot of people waiting outside...I was totally stressed and confused. I thought there was an accident inside, a fire or something. So a policeman comes and tells us that there is a "suspicious pachage" in one of the wagons and they are currently checking it. Oh my God! Now, that can never happen in Greece. You leave a bag or anything in the Metro? Next minute someone else "discovers" it and it's gone forever. No time for the police to notice it, arrive, etc. No one will see your bag again! :P

One of the bad things in London (and England I guess) is the prices. First of all, the British still have the pound £as currency... 1 pound = 1,5 euro. Secondly, all the prices in pounds are the same as they would be in euro in another country. This automatically means that everything is more or less 1,5 times more expensive. For example, a main course at a restaurant is 7-8 pounds = 10-12 euro, a draft beer in a pub is around 3 pounds = 4,5 euro. If you are not careful, you can easily spend 100 euro in a couple of days!
There are some things cheaper than elsewhere though. I saw a full formal outfit (suit, shirt, tie) for around 80 euro and some nice-looking leather shoes for around 40 euros. And finally coffee: 2,5 pounds for a big special cup of cappuccino in a cafeteria. Almost like Greece even a big cheaper and very good quality! :)
There are some markets, like the one close to Liverpool Street, that you can find various stuff in various prices, including cheap fast food of various origins: Indonesian, Mexican, Arab, etc.

Finally, a visit to a place is never complete without experiencing the nightlife! Britain has pubs. Repeat with me: pubs! There are almost always open in the day but close at midnight, which is a shit for a mediterranean, since we're used to go out late at night. In the pubs there are many people going early, after work or early in the evening, they drink pints of beer, chat, watch rugby, sing, get drunk, dance (almost)... the regular stuff.
On the 17th March was St. Patrick's Day, a very special celebration for the Irish (don't know why!). We went to an Irish pub downtown at about 7 and finished already tired at 10, heading directly home. Due to the weather, the work and the schedule of the pubs, the daily schedule of the people is quite different than the south. Wake up early, sleep early!
Another great thing in London is the live stages. There are lots of bars that have live bands playing, maybe not famous ones but with good music nonetheless. We happened to go to Vibe Bar which turned out to be a very good choice afterall. Entrance 3 pounds, Bacardi lemon for 3 pounds, with a live band playing in one stage and an extra stage with dancing music. The only bad thing was that it was bloody hot in there. The BBQ in the courtyard gives the final touch. Did I mention it had cool people too? ;)

Must see in London:
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Buckingham Palace (on the change of guard)
  • St Paul's Cathedral
  • Tower of London and the Tower Bridge
  • St. Katherine Docks
  • High Court
  • British Museum
  • Natural History Museum
  • Hyde park (or any other)
  • Madame Tussauds wax museum
  • ...and the list never ends!

So when are you planning your next trip to London?
As for me, I think next time I'll prefer going for a job there and not as a tourist!

GTD: Work smart!

GTD stands for Getting Things Done. It is a popular book by David Allen about time-management and working effectively.

I first heard of this concept from a friend's blog. It is based on the observation that we usually waste too much time planning things than actually doing them!

The implementation is very simple and can be done in many ways - you can view it in this flowchart. This is how I implement it: I use a calendar and 5 notes on my PC desktop, each for a specific purpose of grouping tasks:
  • the "Bucket"
  • the "Next actions"
  • the "Projects"
  • the "Waiting-for" group
  • the "Later/when i can" group

Then I work like this:
  1. New idea or you remembered something to do? --> In the Bucket right away!
  2. Every day, preferably before finishing work or going to bed, clean the Bucket*.
  3. Every day, starting from the morning, do what is your Next actions and check your calendar for scheduled things.
*How to clean the Bucket
For each item, ask: Can you do something about it now?
  • If not now but maybe later, put it in the Later group.
  • If not at all, through it away.
  • If yes, move it to another group.
  • If it's a single small task, deal with it now.
  • If it's a single task but not short, then it depends. If you have to do it ASAP, put it in the Next actions. If it's for a specific time in the future, schedule it in the calendar (and put a notification). If it's for someone else, ask him to do it and put it in the Waiting-for.
  • For big projects, that include many tasks and take time, use the Projects group to keep track of them and their tasks. Check for needed actions for each project and follow the same process as above for each action.
Believe me, after a week or two you'll see your life becoming much easier! You won't be frustrated about forgetting to do things or new ideas. You will start being more on time. You'll see yourself doing more stuff you want to do each day. If you really follow it, then you'll manage to waste less time on useless un-important things.
My advice: use it not only for your work, but customise it for all your life (e.g. songs that I want to find, movies to watch, dates, birthdays, etc)

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Reject them back!

Dear sir/madam,

Thank you for your letter rejecting my application for employment with your firm.

I have received rejections from an unusually large number of well qualified organizations. With such a varied and promising spectrum of rejections from which to select, it is impossible for me to consider them all. After careful deliberation, then, and because a number of firms have found me more unsuitable, I regret to inform you that I am unable to accept your rejection.

Despite your company’s outstanding qualifications and previous experience in rejecting applicants, I find that your rejection does not meet with my requirements at this time. As a result, I will be starting employment with your firm on the first of the month.

Circumstances change and one can never know when new demands for rejection arise. Accordingly, I will keep your letter on file in case my requirements for rejection change.

Please do not regard this letter as a criticism of your qualifications in attempting to refuse me employment. I wish you the best of luck in rejecting future candidates.


Harilaos Vasiliadis

found at John Kador's website

Put some fun in your life!

Are you still stressing over trivial things?
When are you going to start enjoying your life more?

Check out The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun.

You might find them silly initially, like the spam emails being forwarded around the world each day... but you know that, in principle, they are right!

It is time to live your life more fun, more halara!

"Don't take life too seriously.
You will not get out of it alive."
Elbert Hubbard, publisher

HALARA goes on STRIKE !!

After such a long time of oppression and unfair treatment, "Halara!" has unanimously decided to go on strike!

We demand:
  • The greek government to recognise us as an official promoter of the Greek spirit.
  • Every internet user to subscribe to our newsletter or RSS.
  • The direction of blogger to pay us a 2% of all profits.
  • World peace.
In parallel with the strike, there will be a public protest in many big cities of Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Kozani, Rethymno) and the world (Venice, Rio de Janeiro,...). We will be dressed wih fancy clothers to make an impression, shouting our demands and singing revolutionary songs - you can't miss us! Everyone is welcome to join our cause!!

We will not give in unless all our demands are satisfied.

(The truth is I'm just going to Athens for a few days for the carnival... Enjoy!)

What sign shouldn't you date?

Never Date a Cancer!

Clingy, emotional, and very private - it's hard to escape a Cancer's clutches. And while Cancer will want to know everything about you, they're anything but open in return.

Instead try dating: Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, or Aquarius ( you tell me!!)

Well, that was the advice that I got... How about you??
What sign shouldn't YOU date?

Slow down week!!

Well it seems the halara lovers around the world have a week dedicated to their art!

Don't YOU think it's time to slow down a little and enjoy your life more?

Christmas in Malta!

Choosing your Christmas trip destination is not an easy thing. Enjoying the Christmas spirit in another country might not turn out right. Malta, however, is a cool destination to visit at all seasons!

Basic info about the Republic of Malta:
Consists of the islands of Malta, Gozo and Camino
Currency: Maltese lira (= €2,3) - adopting euro in 2008
Languages: a mixture of Maltese (similar to arabic but with latin characters) and English
Weather: usually wonderful, warm but humid.
Typical dish: rabbit

Valletta: the capital
A very picturesque city where many movie scenes were taken.

- St. John's Co-Cathedral
Simply wonderful! Great architecture and decoration. The building was divided in 8 chapels for the 8 houses of the knights in the old times. This way all the different nationalities of the knights could co-exist together under the same church. The floor is covered with the tombs of knights. Don't miss the amazing painting by Caravaggio!

- Public Garden
Simply beautiful, but the best thing is the view from its side: you can see all the Grand Harbour with the 3 cities on the opposite side.

- Palace
Originally the house of the Grand-Master, currently housing the Maltese Parliament. You will see the emblems of each house of knights, as well as their typical armors. The 3 coloured rooms are wonderful, yellow, green and especially the red room.

- Malta Experience
Nothing more and nothing less than a small underground cinema where you can use a short documentary about Malta: history, culture and sights in a very pretty presentation translated in your language. It's worth watching it, just make sure you've had a good night's sleep otherwise you're likely to miss most of Malta's conquerors!

- Buses
Maybe the first thing you'll notice when you arrive in Malta. Doesn't it feel like Cuba suddenly?
All the buses gather in the City Gate of Valletta around the Triton fountain and they go all around the island - pretty comfortable!

- Coffee at the Biblioteca
If you're feeling kind of tired from the walk, then a coffee in the square outside the Biblioteca is just perfect! The pigeons can be a bit annoying, but with the sun shining down and the wonderful traditional maltese sweets... who cares!

Around the 3 cities: which cities?
A nice tour is to go around "The Three Cities" on the other side of the harbour from Valletta: Vittoriosa, Cospicua and Senglea.
In fact the cities in Malta are not really separated or large. In the old times, they used to be separate cities but through the ages they grew and eventually they came touching one the other. It is funny that you might go a few kilometres and then see a sign: Welcome to ... and you're in the next city!

St.Julian's: the party is here
It's THE place to go when going out. At nights, especially Fridays and Saturdays, it's full of teens looking for a party. There is a big variety of different bars and clubs, all close together - just choose the one you like. Be careful though, the entrance to some clubs is 7 liras (= more than 15 euros!) and you might not like what you find inside. So before going into a club, make sure it's the one for you.

Maybe the best bar in St.Julian's for people in their 20s! Warm atmosphere and nice music with a more lively underground floor. Did you notice the black chandeliers?

You might find it expensive to stay there, but for sure you can go for a drink in its spectacular round bar or take a dive in the super swimming pool and have a taste of wealthiness!

- Dragonara Casino
If you want to try your luck, this next-to-the-sea casino is the best spot. Be careful not to spend too much though!

Sliema: shopping
Lots of stores close together where you can find anything you like! The Plaza shopping center is definately a place to enter.

Mdina: medieval city
Enter the gates and you are tranferred into the medieval ages! Take a slow walk around it's narrow stone streets. Don't miss the cathedral in the middle of the city and the view from its walls. No wonder it was such a good fortress!

Mosta: the dome
The church of St Mary, Mosta Rotunda as it is called, is supposed to be the 3rd largest unsupported church dome in Europe after St Peter's in Rome and St Sophia in Istanbul.

Gozo & Camino: the sister islands
The two other islands of the Republic of Malta, totally green and full of wonderful nature, a "must" place to go. Visit the Citadel, the Cave of Calypso (Odyssey), the ancient Temple ruins of Ggantija but don't forget to relax taking walks in the nature , going diving or swimming in the Blue Lagoon of Comino.

Malta is a wonderful place to visit. A few days there for stress-free vacations are just the thing for you: HALARA!