Animator VS animation

No words needed - just two cool animations that you must see! :)

Part I | Part II

Mentos + Diet Coke = BOOM !!

Have you tried putting a packet of Mentos into a 2-litres Diet Coke??
Well here's what happens and how people around the world are being creative with this reaction!!

Scientifically, it seems that the gums and proteins of the Mentos lower the surface tension of the Coke, thus letting the carbon dioxide expand rapidly and make this amazing explosion!

P.S. Do NOT try this experiment inside your stomach!! :P

Garfield forever!

What's the latest trend?

The world is moving and developing rapidly nowadays. You need to be up on your feet if you want to keep on track with all the new trends.

Well here's a website dedicated in "sniffing-out" and reporting the latest corporate trends from around the world, mostly concerning marketing and innovation.

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