Madrid and its angels

Madrid is a rare mixture of people, from elegant businessmen to total freaks. It's kind of like the New York of Europe, I dare say!

Things to see and do in Madrid

Tour of the city:
  • You can take a tour of the city with the tourist bus that goes around.
  • If you want to try a new alternative way, try a tour on Segways.

Buildings and Museums:
  • Prado Museum & Reina Sofia Museum, with a wonderful collection of paintings, including Picasso (Guernica), El Greco, Rembrand, and other famous artists.
  • The Egyptian temple of Debod!
  • The Royal Palace, the Opera, the Cathedral and its crypt, all located next to each other.

  • El Retiro park, for a walk in the afternoon - don't miss the Crystal Palace. If you are with your couple take a romantic rowing boat trip into the small lake.
  • Botanic Garden, an amazing park-museum with plants and flowers from all over the world, scientifically named, orderly categorised and beautifully distributed.
  • Casa de Campo, a huge area-park in the outskirts of the city with various things to do.

  • Gran Via, THE place to go for clothes, going through Zara, Springfield, Berska, Lefties and other shops.
  • EnJabonArte, a very small colourful and full of smells shop in Gran Via selling natural soaps, that look more like cheeses to me! - Half a kilo please!!
  • Rastro bazaar in La Latina area during Sunday mornings - you can find anything you can imagine! Be careful of your wallet and bag though...

  • The best Chinese food around is actually underground... Look for the Chinese restaurant under Plaza de Espana, with very good and cheap Chinese food, which many Chinese people trust.
  • La Gracia de Montera (near Metro Sevilla), as a non-expensive choice for nice food. It's usually full but service is fast.
  • Madrilia,for a more expensive and classy dinner. Don't miss trying the carpaccio.

Going out:
  • Museo del Jamon, in various locations around the city, a cool and cheap place to taste some Spanish "jamon" and have a few beers at any time.
  • El Tigre in Chueca, known as the gay area of Madrid, is a famous for generously providing you with very good tapas when you order beers or cider.
  • El Imperfecto, a very small but cosy bar that makes incredible mojitos and other unique drinks, alcoholic or not.
  • If you are feeling your throat a bit soar, a large Caipirina full of slices of natural lemon is the best medicine! You'll find it in a small, traditional looking bar in Huertas area.
  • Palacio de Gaviria, probably the best club you can go in Madrid, is using an old building that looks like a small palace still preserving its original decoration, having several rooms with different music and changing themes every night.
  • Chocolateria de San Ginés, the best place to go to have "churros" with a hot chocolate drink, especially in the morning after a long night partying out.

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