What is a Project Engineer?

It sounds like an interesting field in Engineering. It has been mainly applied in construction and architectural projects, but the principles can easily be applied anywhere. However project management is quite general, so one needs to specialise on a certain field to be successful.

If someone knows the definition or is an actual project engineer, please write a comment to this post!

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Manu said...

A Project Engineer is in some cases the same as a project manager. Project Engineers are considered to be Project Managers but with engineering qualifications.

Government organizations might have a Senior Project Engineer at the top of the ladder followed by Project Engineer followed by Project Manager.

In some cases a Project Engineer is responsible for assisting the assigned project manager with regard to design and scope of a project and with the execution of one or more simultaneous projects in accordance with a valid, executed contract, per company policies and procedures and work instructions for customized and standardized plants.


1. Schedule preparation and resource forecasting for gasification specific engineering activities relating to the project

2. Performance management of the architectural and engineering vendor

3. Assuring accuracy of financial forecasts with tie-in to project schedules

4. Ensuring projects are completed according to project plans

5. Managing project team resources and training

6. They expertise with extensive Project management experience