Structured chaos

You might wonder how Google can produce so many and extrordinary results... After only some years of life, it´s one of the most profitable and fast-growing corporations in the world.

It´s no secret that the engineers at Google are like in a playground - they are allowed almost anything. From decorating their office as they want, to cafeterias and courtyards they are some of the most spoiled employees in the world. Even million-dollar mistakes are being treated with a pat-in-the-back.

All this small chaos is meant to increase creativity and growth and until now has lead to extrordinary results. And they believe it´s all part of the plan...

The "structured chaos" culture in Google is mostly coordinated by Shona Brown, the author of the book "Competing on the Edge: Strategy as Structured Chaos".

The latest Google products, although extrordinary, haven´t faced the success of their core business, the ad-enhanced super search engine. Is this risky playful culture going to provide them with another "bang" in the market soon or is it all going to fall apart?

Read more about it in the latest article at Fortune magazine.

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