Resumes from Hell!

Have you applied for a job or currently writing your CV?
Then you know how tough it can be to put the right things in that piece of paper!!

Here are some real abstracts from CVs that can easily lose you the job... Enjoy! :)

Animator VS animation

No words needed - just two cool animations that you must see! :)

Part I | Part II

Mentos + Diet Coke = BOOM !!

Have you tried putting a packet of Mentos into a 2-litres Diet Coke??
Well here's what happens and how people around the world are being creative with this reaction!!

Scientifically, it seems that the gums and proteins of the Mentos lower the surface tension of the Coke, thus letting the carbon dioxide expand rapidly and make this amazing explosion!

P.S. Do NOT try this experiment inside your stomach!! :P

Garfield forever!

What's the latest trend?

The world is moving and developing rapidly nowadays. You need to be up on your feet if you want to keep on track with all the new trends.

Well here's a website dedicated in "sniffing-out" and reporting the latest corporate trends from around the world, mostly concerning marketing and innovation.

If you are a young enterpreneur, then you should definately keep an eye on

Need a hug?? :)

It all started when a guy called Juan Mann (pronounced "one man") was standing with a poster that had written "FREE HUGS" on it in Pitt Street Mall, Sydney. It took some time for the first person to take the initiative, but afterwards it just happened on and on.

Now the Free Hugs Campaign is spreading as fast as light all around the world. People, mostly younger ones, from different continents are going out on the streets with a "free hugs" banner and are gladly offering a warm hug to anyone who wants one!

It seems that a bit more love and compassion is what the world mainly needs...

The future of airport security...?

Airline tickets may soon be RFID-enabled and contain a snapshot of you that was taken at check-in. So everyone working in the airport, from the security guards to the gate attendant, will be able to identify you instantly.

Nicole Tricoukes of Symbol Technologies describes the process:
"At the kiosk you get a boarding pass and you get your photo taken. As you approach the boarding gate, you can be verified by your pass and your face, and enter the gate. This is great for security, and for the passenger."

Pioneer ideas (from a Greek!) at NextFest in New York.
Article from BBC News.

Proud to be Greek!

Why we can be proud for being Greek...
  • Because we are European Champions in Soccer
  • Because we were European Champions in Basketball
  • Because Paparizou (singer) made us Eurovision Champions
  • Because we buy whole watermelons and not in slices
  • Because we buy whole lambs and not in pieces
  • Because when we buy feta we buy at least a kilo and not 150gr.
  • Because nights in Greece finish in the morning
  • Because flirting is our national hobby
  • Because we are world champions in sex
  • Because we always moan about the public sector and everyone seeks to get a job in it
  • Because we go out almost every night even if we are penniless
  • Because we know how to spend better than we know how to save
  • Because we never visit others empty-handed
  • Because there is no way to explain to foreigners what "kapsoura" is... (a burning desire for someone)
  • Because we do not share the cost of petrol with those we give a ride
  • Because for the sake of a woman we would wage war for 10 years (Trojan war)
  • Because we are everywhere around the planet
  • Because we love and hate with passion
  • Because the word "filotimo" (a synonym of honor, helping someone because it is the right thing to do) doesn't exist in any other language
  • Because whenever the foreigners cannot find a word, they bloody steal one of ours
  • Because we spend our high and low times with our friends and family, not with therapists and counsellors
  • Because Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were Hellenic and the whole world still quotes them
  • Because we invented theatre
  • Because we gave birth to Democracy
  • Because we discovered logic
  • Because we jump started science
  • Because we are proud of our culture, not of our wars
  • Because Jesus Christ's best friends were Greeks
  • Because when others were discovering meat, we already had
  • cholesterol! !
  • Because when we were building the Parthenon, the others were still sleeping under trees
  • Because when others created wars, we created Games to stop wars
  • Because we have a distinction between Eros (falling in love) & Agape (innocent love), while we feel both passionately
  • Because we don't use ketchup or mayonnaise with our food . It tastes damn good anyway!
  • Because we tossed our ancient alphabet to the Romans and our medieval alphabet to the Slavs
  • Because we get angry quickly but forget all about it even quicker
  • Because we are not ashamed to cry
  • Because we dance when we are sad and party when w e are happy
  • Because we work to live and we do not live to work
  • Because 97% of the stars' names are Hellenic
  • Because we always talk about getting in a diet after we had our meal
  • Because although we know danger well, we dare
  • Because when you shout "brother" in the streets, everyone turns around
  • Because "Greeks do not fight like heroes, heroes fight like Greeks" (Winston Churchill, 1941)
  • Because we speak loudly and laugh even louder!!!

Madrid and its angels

Madrid is a rare mixture of people, from elegant businessmen to total freaks. It's kind of like the New York of Europe, I dare say!

Things to see and do in Madrid

Tour of the city:
  • You can take a tour of the city with the tourist bus that goes around.
  • If you want to try a new alternative way, try a tour on Segways.

Buildings and Museums:
  • Prado Museum & Reina Sofia Museum, with a wonderful collection of paintings, including Picasso (Guernica), El Greco, Rembrand, and other famous artists.
  • The Egyptian temple of Debod!
  • The Royal Palace, the Opera, the Cathedral and its crypt, all located next to each other.

  • El Retiro park, for a walk in the afternoon - don't miss the Crystal Palace. If you are with your couple take a romantic rowing boat trip into the small lake.
  • Botanic Garden, an amazing park-museum with plants and flowers from all over the world, scientifically named, orderly categorised and beautifully distributed.
  • Casa de Campo, a huge area-park in the outskirts of the city with various things to do.

  • Gran Via, THE place to go for clothes, going through Zara, Springfield, Berska, Lefties and other shops.
  • EnJabonArte, a very small colourful and full of smells shop in Gran Via selling natural soaps, that look more like cheeses to me! - Half a kilo please!!
  • Rastro bazaar in La Latina area during Sunday mornings - you can find anything you can imagine! Be careful of your wallet and bag though...

  • The best Chinese food around is actually underground... Look for the Chinese restaurant under Plaza de Espana, with very good and cheap Chinese food, which many Chinese people trust.
  • La Gracia de Montera (near Metro Sevilla), as a non-expensive choice for nice food. It's usually full but service is fast.
  • Madrilia,for a more expensive and classy dinner. Don't miss trying the carpaccio.

Going out:
  • Museo del Jamon, in various locations around the city, a cool and cheap place to taste some Spanish "jamon" and have a few beers at any time.
  • El Tigre in Chueca, known as the gay area of Madrid, is a famous for generously providing you with very good tapas when you order beers or cider.
  • El Imperfecto, a very small but cosy bar that makes incredible mojitos and other unique drinks, alcoholic or not.
  • If you are feeling your throat a bit soar, a large Caipirina full of slices of natural lemon is the best medicine! You'll find it in a small, traditional looking bar in Huertas area.
  • Palacio de Gaviria, probably the best club you can go in Madrid, is using an old building that looks like a small palace still preserving its original decoration, having several rooms with different music and changing themes every night.
  • Chocolateria de San Ginés, the best place to go to have "churros" with a hot chocolate drink, especially in the morning after a long night partying out.

Links about Madrid:

A day in Toledo

A strong and rich city inside the clouds, Toledo is one of the most pretty towns in Europe. No wonder why El Greco chose to live and create there, as shown in his relevant painting.

A day around the narrow streets with some clouds running through the sky is a wonderful experience. A tourist can visit the breathtaking cathedral, the jewish synagoges and muslim mosques, characteristic of the cultural mix in the old times. Be careful of the knights!

In the restaurant opposite to the Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, a wonderful example of peaceful and medieval architecture, you can try the delicious traditional plate "carcamusa".

And of course do not miss visiting the House-Museum of El Greco, containing his paintings of Christ and the 12 Apostols, and seeing his famous painting "El entierro del Conde de Orgaz" in the Church of Santo Tomé.

Structured chaos

You might wonder how Google can produce so many and extrordinary results... After only some years of life, it´s one of the most profitable and fast-growing corporations in the world.

It´s no secret that the engineers at Google are like in a playground - they are allowed almost anything. From decorating their office as they want, to cafeterias and courtyards they are some of the most spoiled employees in the world. Even million-dollar mistakes are being treated with a pat-in-the-back.

All this small chaos is meant to increase creativity and growth and until now has lead to extrordinary results. And they believe it´s all part of the plan...

The "structured chaos" culture in Google is mostly coordinated by Shona Brown, the author of the book "Competing on the Edge: Strategy as Structured Chaos".

The latest Google products, although extrordinary, haven´t faced the success of their core business, the ad-enhanced super search engine. Is this risky playful culture going to provide them with another "bang" in the market soon or is it all going to fall apart?

Read more about it in the latest article at Fortune magazine.

Mpalos, a corner of paradise

The beach of Mpalos is in the north-west corner of the Greek island of Crete. It is unique for it's picturesque island and its crystal blue waters and white-pink sand.

Due to its remote location, the beach is quite well preserved almost like no man has laid foot there.

There are two ways to arrive to Mpalos:
  1. You can go by car up to the hill right behind the beach, park there and then walk down the path to the beach for about 30'.
  2. You can arrive to the port of Kasteli (in Kissamos), by car or by bus, and then catch the boats to Mpalos beach and Gramvousa island. However, the boat ticket is expensive: 20 euros!

Be Provocative!

Have you noticed how difficult is to get a horse pay attention to you and do what you want? Well, guess what... humans are even worse!

Either you are talking to your kid, or you are making a presentation, or you are designing a poster, or trying to get a girl to notice you, you need to be provocative!

The Road Not Taken

I like to believe that I take my own decisions in life and making my own destiny. At least I try every step of the way.

When I was around 14 my english teacher gave my class a poem to read and keep, which really struck me. It was a poem of Robert Frost called "The road not taken".

I don't think that this poem changed my life, but for sure it's a moment I will always remember...

Inspirational Courses and Creativity in Management

Tired of these boring university courses?

Well, some management courses have went beyond the normal standards! They try to inspire the MBA students and broaden their view on the "art of management".

But is creativity the absolute solution to all managerial problems? Some debate No. We need to correctly manage our endless ideas in order to be successful!

Articles by Business Week online

Europe's Beauty

From left to right: Miss Spain, Miss Greece and Miss Beligum.

Need I say more??... Enjoy! :)

Easy Way to Fold a T-shirt

Problems folding your t-shirts? Do you get them always rinkled after a trip? Does it take you ours to pack your suitcase?

See this practical guide: Fold your T-shirt in 2 seconds!

You want to do the same with other clothes? Check here!

The BEST Jobs in the World

3. Mobile games tester
2. Bikini models reflector holder
1. Lap-dance laws enforcing officer

Wanna see the real Top 50 jobs in the USA? CNN Money has a ranking for you!

What is a Project Engineer?

It sounds like an interesting field in Engineering. It has been mainly applied in construction and architectural projects, but the principles can easily be applied anywhere. However project management is quite general, so one needs to specialise on a certain field to be successful.

If someone knows the definition or is an actual project engineer, please write a comment to this post!

Permission Marketing

The latest concept in marketing by Seth Godin, one of the marketing and enterpreneur gurus of our century.

Check his speech at Google.

Frappe coffee

The greek invention!

How to make it:
You take a tall glass. Put inside 1 spoon or coffee and 1 of sugar and a little water. Mix with a mixer until it gets thick and light brown. Add icecubes, concentrated milk and water. Put a straw and enjoy the original ice coffee!

Chania, my city

Venetian Harbour Discover the beauty of Crete. Visit Chania!